We believe in real-world experiences

We are an eclectic team of creative minds and visionary dreamers located in Melbourne, who believe that teachers and traditional classes are insufficient to navigate today’s world.

insight academy skill development programs

Visionaries with focus on you

Our vision is to give students the skills, mindset and knowledge they will need to build their confidence, adapt, succeed and stay relevant in this dynamic and competitive global market.

Relevancy & interconnectedness

In educating future leaders, it’s our responsibility to provide quality programs that show that success lies beyond profitability, but in making a positive impact on the environment and society. All of our courses take this principle into consideration in both development and execution.

insight academy skill development programs
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Why be part of Insight Academy?


Each component of the Insight Hub Experience, from the training staff to the methodology and contents, aims to maximise your potential.

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We go beyond the classes, we are a community! Be a part of a supportive and collaborative education model which involves co-working and co-learning.

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We give you the tools to get out of your comfort zone and face real-world challenges, which will help you shift your perspective and accomplish those things you put your mind to.

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We provide unique programs developed by our team of experts. The program contents are in constant evolution, based on the current market and student needs

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We learn more by doing than by studying. Our approach focuses on hands-on practical activities.

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By providing you with career training and putting our networking at your disposal, you’ll increase your chances to become more employable.

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Meet the founder

I have never been an ideal student. I quit school at a really young age, and I realised through my journey that connecting with people, understanding emotions and developing the right skills are what bring success.

I wanted to bring that vision to Insight Academy Hub, and with an amazing team of professional and purpose-driven people we strive to provide our students with real-world experiences.

The theory you learn today isn’t relevant tomorrow. But at Insight we help you develop the mindset and skills that drive you to success and stay relevant in any situation.

Insight Academy is a safe space to test and validate your ideas, a place to thrive and a home for everyone who wants to share their experience with us.



Jose Alonso, CEO & Founder Insight Academy Melbourne

Our Heroes

Discover the team of industry experts behind the success of every student’s journey.

Our heroes

Discover the team of industry experts behind the success of every student’s journey.

Our Melbourne Campuses

English Campus

Our new Insight English Academy campus was built from scratch, custom tailored for the Insight experience from top to bottom. 

With 13 uniquely themed classrooms, large open floor community area, fully equipped kitchen facilities, lightning fast Wi-Fi and disability-friendly facilities; we promise you there’s nowhere like Insight.

This campus is where you will find Insight English Academy.

City campus

Our City Campus is conveniently located in a lively and vibrant area with fantastic restaurants, stores, cafes, and the best of Melbourne. It is only minutes away from public transportation and major tourist attractions.

It is fully equipped with different facilities such as student kitchens & dining areas, unisex washrooms, private study spaces, free wifi and even a podcasting studio!

This campus is where Academy of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Academy of Sustainability & Project Management classes are held.

Our warehouse

Our Metropolitan Warehouse is conveniently located in Southbank, a short 5-minute walk from South Wharf DFO Shopping Centre and only a 10-minute walk from the city centre.

The 2-level facility is fully equipped with classrooms, kitchen, washrooms and a practical warehouse space with professional-grade equipment.

This campus is where you will find OnSite Trades Academy.

Our Agents

We collaborate with education agents all over the world that will help you kickstart your journey at Insight.

Partner companies

As Insight Academy Hub holds its core focus on real-world experiences and networking, we build many relationships with businesses, community organisations, and governments across Australia and internationally.


In our continuous effort to offer the best opportunities for our students, Insight Academy offer pathway options with different Australian institutions to further studies in Australia and unlock new career opportunities.

Torrens University Insight Academy Campus

Torrens University

After completing any Diploma and Advanced Diploma at Academy of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Academy of Sustainability & Project Management, all students will have the opportunity to enter directly into their second year of the Bachelor of Business at Torrens University. 

Torrens University Australia is part of Laureate International Universities, the leading global network of 70 accredited universities and higher education institutions with over 1 million students worldwide.

Our Social

At Insight Academy, we believe in supporting communities in the best way that we can. From within our own borders and beyond, here are some initiatives we’ve had the fortune to be involved in.
WeHike Insight Academy


Insight Academy, in partnership with Hike Tribe, launched an initiative to improve the well-being of international students impacted by COVID-19 by reconnecting them with nature and the community. This was achieved through conducting group hikes across regional Victoria. These events were immediately booked out by enthusiastic students. WeHike was supported by Study Melbourne and the Victorian State Government.



In a partnership with Small Business Victoria, Insight Academy created and conducted a seven-part event series focused on promoting and supporting LGBTQIA+ people in business, including networking events, guest speakers and workshops. Through highlighting LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs and their stories, we aimed to empower LGBTQIA+ persons and provide them with the skills and connections to pursue their careers.

Insight Academy Education Partners Companies

Food Next Door

Food Next Door is a co-operative organisation that matches under-utilised farmland with landless farmers to support small-scale regenerative farming, growing diverse crops & engaging people from diverse backgrounds to supply food to local households. Insight Academy collaborated with the co-op by giving full scholarships to two of the members of their community to support the growth of their business.

Project Zen Z insight academy

Project GEN Z

Thanks to Project Gen Z our Insight Academy team travelled to Cambodia to participate in workshops with other successful entrepreneurs to raise funds & teach entrepreneurial skills to students from Sunrise Cambodia, an orphanage run by Geraldine Cox. Insight Academy also gave a full scholarship to one of the students who nowadays continues her business studies at our Melbourne Campus.