learn english language at insight academy

Academy of English

Improve your English with practical learning and real-life scenarios.

insight academy construction project management

OnSite Trades Academy

Gain skills and be ready for high-demand careers in the construction industry. 

insight academy entrepreneur certificate program

Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Step out of your comfort zone and thrive in today’s business scene.

insight academy sustainability and project management courses

Academy of Sustainability and Project Management

Manage projects and orchestrate plans effectively and sustainably. 


Self-development and critical thinking

Rather than doing things from an external voice, we’ll train you to tune in and align your life and actions with your internal voice and purpose.

Confidence training

Through action and stepping out of your comfort zone, you’ll develop the confidence to make things happen in your life.

Community empowerment

Being part of a supportive and collaborative model which enhances human connections will improve your resilience and wellbeing, and prepare you for new opportunities that might arise.

Employability skills

Providing you with career advice and putting our networking at your disposal, you’ll increase your chances to become more employable.

Our Heroes

Discover the team of industry experts behind the success of every student’s journey.


success stories

Watch the stories of real students who know first-hand about this program and get inspired to create your own journey.

What’s New in our hub

Keep an eye on our upcoming Masterclasses, Bootcamps, Networking and Social events.