Immerse yourself in an All-English experience with professional language  teachers and speech therapists. Upskill your English through experiences and  be confident in every situation.

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Our English Academy has been opened and run by English teachers. Having extensive experience working with various English language learners, we know what’s missing.


We’ve seen how the world and workplace are changing rapidly, while the classroom stays still. Motivated to bring a change, we utilise cutting-edge methodologies to improve how we teach, ensuring that your learning experience is more than just an English class. 

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A new kind of experience you’ve never seen elsewhere

Real-Life Language Experience

Learn through action and have practical outcomes.

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Community & Relationship Building

What is an experience without meeting the locals?

Insight Academy English Language Courses

Personal & Professional Development

A springboard to the next version of you!

Insight Academy English Language Courses

More Than Just Teachers

Hand-selected industry leaders, speech therapists & coaches!

Insight Academy English Language Courses

Pronunciation & Communication Program

Improve your accent, pronunciation, and communication.

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Complementary activities

Level up your learning with experiences only Insight can offer.

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Melbourne, the City of Art & Culture

Besides being consistently ranked as the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne is also Australia’s style capital and is home to some of the best food, dining, bars, and live music in the world. It is one of Australia’s top destinations for international students and is a truly multicultural city.

Here you’ll find more information about life in Melbourne:

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Insight Academy English Upskill Program Australia

High quality, safe student accommodation

From the cosmopolitan inner city living to leafy garden suburbs and beautiful regional centres. 

We offer housing placement support upon request if you are looking to speak English at your Australian home and improve your English faster while living with native speakers or international friends. The types of accommodation available in Australia are:

Temporary Accommodation

We encourage you to book temporary accommodation (Hotels, Motels & Backpackers) for a few days to settle in your new surroundings, search and move to suitable permanent accommodation. Price varies from $90 to $150 per week depending on its quality. 

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation is located near the campus and includes shared facilities, so you also have the benefits of living in a community. Costs may vary from $110 to $280 a week including utilities, furniture, and sometimes internet and cleaning services.

Rental Accommodation

Renting a home to stay, means you choose the location, people, and furniture. You are also responsible for arranging and paying for utilities. You can expect to pay from $95 to $215 per week, depending on how many people you share with and where you live.

Living With A Family

When an international student lives with a family in their home it’s called a homestay. It gives you a family support network, introducing you to Australian society. Homestay costs from $235 to $325 per week depending on facilities, location and meals they provide.