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This is a compilation of the frequently asked questions from our students that will cover relevant information about your student experience at Insight

What can I do if I have financial issues/concerns?

Our lovely Finance team will be happy to help you with any concerns.

You can contact them by email at or by phone on 03 8609 7431.


If you wish to meet the Accountant, please contact come to reception to see if they are available or contact them to book an appointment during opening hours, Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5pm.

When do I need to pay for my studies?

Student payment plans are sent via email. The information will include the amount, due date, and payment methods.

The payment due date relates to you and your relevant study period.


When your payment is due, you will receive an Invoice from the academy that will need to be paid.

How do I make a course payment?

There are three different types of methods to pay for your tuition.

Directly to the school:

You do this through either a bank transfer or a bank deposit to the following information: Insight Academy Bank Details: BSB Number: 063-162 Account Number: 1068 2637 Description: Full Name or Student ID with INV Number. When a deposit is made into this account, you must provide proof of payment to the accounts department by email and provide: o   Student name o   Student number o   How much was deposited into the account o   Date that the deposit was made o   Copy of receipt This will allow our accounts department to track the payment and allocate it to your student account.


Through the sent Invoice:

When you receive your invoice, you will be able to make your payment using XERO, you will need to click “Pay Now” and you will be brought to a website where it will let you pay for the invoice. HOWEVER please keep in mind that the software’s system is not correlated to us and you may be charged extra for using it.


Paying Through an Agent:

If you have an agent, you are able to pay your tuition fee through them. You will not need to provide us with any proof as it will be given to us by your agent. 

What should I do to request a payment extension?

You will need to Email the account’s team and/or speak to them personally to discuss

your reason as to why you will need the extension.

What happens if I change my studies, is my tuition fee affected?

If you make any changes to your enrolment or study plan, your tuition fees will change.

It is your responsibility to check with student admissions and pay any additional fees by the payment due date. Students studying on a student visa are required to finish their studies by the end date on their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Extensions are only granted in very limited circumstances.

Can I request a refund of my tuition fee?

There are a number of specific situations that can affect your chances of gaining a refund.

Have a read through the ‘Refund Policy’ [SW1] that explains the calculation of tuition fees and refund conditions and make sure your own situation matches before requesting a refund.


Find the Refund Policy on our website in our Forms and Policies page:


If you wish to apply for a refund, you will need to put in a request by going to the Insight website in our Forms and Policies page. 


Once put through, you will receive a response within (TBC). You will receive an email whether it has been approved with the refunded amount or why it has been declined.

What happens if I need to extend my course?

If you have not completed your studies by the end date stated on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) you will need to apply for an extension of your COE before the end date. You can do this filling out an Extension of Course Form here:


The extension will be granted if you meet any of the following circumstances:

• You have met with an Education member of the academy to discuss an Intervention Strategy to be in place and conditions are going to be met;

• Approved Leave of Absence;


How long can they extend for?

When requesting for an extension you may only receive up to a semester/term (8-10weeks) extra amount of time but there may be some cases that are unique. Once approved Admissions will make changes to your CoE; and will notify you of your new end date.

Compassionate or Compelling Circumstances.

What happens if I have to be absent from my studies?

International students studying in Australia on student visas are not normally eligible for Leave of Absence, other than in compassionate or compelling circumstances.

You must obtain approval from the academy for any period of absence greater than one week during the classes.


In these instances, students should contact student admissions regarding their situation in person or via email; 7 days’ prior going on leave.


If you are unable to give prior notice, contact the academy via email as soon as possible!


IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind you will need to provide evidence of the compassionate or compelling circumstances. Example: Death Certificate


The Student Support team has an obligation in certain circumstances to advise the Department of Immigration and Border Protection where an international student studying in Australia takes Leave of Absence. This report may result in the cancellation of your CoE which may affect your student visa and work rights.

What if I want to withdraw from Insight?

If you wish to withdraw from Insight Academy at any time, you will need to place a request through our website in our Forms and Policies page:

IMPORTANT: If you are a student visa holder you cannot transfer to another education provider within the first 6 months of commencing your primary course of study.


The withdrawal request will take (TBC). This will change depending on if you are our primary or secondary provider.


If you have evidence of your reason as to why you are withdrawing, we suggest you attach it to your request so that the admission team will be able to understand your situation better. Example: Letter of Offer of the school you are wanting to transfer to.


If your withdrawal is approved, we will report your withdrawal to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). It is your responsibility to contact DIBP and discuss the implications of your withdrawal on your student visa.

What if I want to cancel my studies?

Your course may be cancelled for multiple reasons, from you having requested for a withdrawal to any misconducts that may go against your visa.

If you request a cancellation and it has been approved by the academy, you will receive an email letting you know that your CoE has been cancelled or you may be notified that your request has been declined for the stated reasons

What happens if I want to change my course to another Insight course?

If you wish to change your course you will need to discuss with student admissions. This is to look at course progression to avoid student’s from going backwards in their education.

Eg. We wouldn't typically approve a move from an Advanced Diploma to a Diploma.


We also need to look at visa length. Of course, students have the option to extend a visa for a course change. If the course has already commenced these requests rarely get approved unless there are extenuating circumstances. Once approved Admissions make changes to CoE.


If you wish to put a request in for a change of course, you can place a request through our website in our Forms and Policies page:

What if I need to defer my course?

Students who are unable to commence their studies on the scheduled date can apply before the Census Date for Deferment of the Commencement Date through our website in our Forms and Policies page:


The only grounds for assessing and determining outcomes for such application are whether or not compassionate and compelling circumstances prevented their commencement on the scheduled date. Applications for Deferment of Commencement of Studies will be recorded and assessed on their own merits and on the basis of the provided evidence.


If the application is approved, a new date for the student’s commencement of studies will be determined and, as required, a new Letter of Offer and Confirmation of Enrolment will be issued by Student Services.


The request will take 10 working days of all necessary documentation being provided.

What if I need to suspend my course?

There are two ways you may receive a suspension. You can either place a request for a suspension or you may be suspended for misconduct that goes against our policies and/or your visa.


If you are wishing to request for a suspension of study, you can through our website in our Forms and Policies page:


It needs to be an extenuating circumstance; Eg. medical, family emergency. Please remember that you will need to provide proof for any of your reason eg. Medical Certificate.


Typically, a suspension is no more than 8 weeks’ gap.


Once approved we will update aXcelerate and contact you on your return but please do stay in touch and let us know of any changes.


The request will take 10 working days of all necessary documentation being provided.

How do I get my students’ certificate?

If you have submitted everything and passed all your units you are ready to get your certificate!

Your certificate may take up to 7 to 14 working days. You will receive an email with your Letter of Completion as a sign your certificate is in the process of being created and approved.


You will receive a second email that will notify you that you may come to the campus to collect your certificate

What if I need to make a formal complaint about another student, Insight staff or the overall institution?

If there is something you are not happy with, we encourage you to try and resolve the matter with the relevant staff member or student through informal discussion.

This informal method of resolution allows the parties to explore options and make their own decisions about how to resolve a complaint, rather than having a third party make and enforce a decision.


If the problem cannot be resolved informally, then you can complete a formal complaint through completing a form on our website in our Forms and Policies page:

Where can I find my timetable and the classroom where I am in?

You will receive your timetable when you attend your orientation session.

Please note that attending these sessions is not only compulsory, but also vital for your studies moving forward.

What happens if I don’t have a laptop for my class? Can Insight provide me with one?

While you are on the insight campus, you are able to borrow a laptop from the reception.

You may borrow a laptop between Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 9:30pm.


You will need to bring your student ID and be prepared to fill out a registration form. You will also need to fill out a form when you return the laptop as well.


To be Noted: The laptop cannot be taken out of the school.


Your login details are the following:

Username: Student ID number

Password: Insight-2017


Make sure that you are connected to the following Wi-Fi “InsightAcademyStudents” before you begin using it and if you are not, please ask a student services member to help locate the correct information.

Can I print documents on campus?

Yes, you have to bring your student ID card at the reception and borrow a laptop to print your document.

The printer to choose is: TOSHIBA e-Studio 2505AC


The settings of the Printer are automatic: black and white and double sided only.


Students are entitled to unlimited black and white printing and copying using campus equipment, given that it is relevant to your education. For colour printing and copying, consult with student admissions.

What is the LMS/Canvas/Student portal?

Most of your study will be via face-to-face learning, however some may incorporate online-based resources for assignments or for tutorial or practical work.

This is the online space where students can find subject requirements, assessment information, coach contact details, subject readings and documents plus a range of tools that can facilitate group and individual work including discussion forums, wikis, blogs, audio recordings and tests.

I can’t find my CANVAS logging details? How can I log in once I receive the email?

An email will be sent prior to the Orientation Day containing a ‘course invitation’.

Make sure that you check your Spam/Junk mailbox. If you cannot find any email related to CANVAS, please send an email to to request another course invitation email.


Once received, click on ‘get started’ _ ‘create an account’ _ create your own password.


You will have to ‘accept’ the course invitation to access your learning material.

How and where can I get my student ID card?

Insight Academy issues all enrolled students with a student identification (ID) card.

This card incorporates your photograph, student ID number and enrolment status. Your ID card allows you to provide proof of ID when discussing your course and enrolment with Insight Academy staff, identify yourself when attending workshops, using incubators and attending events. As a new student you will be able to obtain your ID card during your orientation session.

My residential address / phone number / emergency contact details have changed, do I need to update anything with Insight?

Yes, it is one of your visa conditions to update your education provider when changing your contact details within 7 days after any changes.

Please send an email to or let the person at the reception know in order to update your profile.

I forgot or lost a belonging in the premises of Insight Academy, what should I do?

All belongings found at Insight Academy are directly brought to the ‘Lost and Found Box’, located at the Reception.

If you’ve lost anything, please check this box.