Our Cert IV in Sustainability Is Evolving!

Certificate IV in Sustainable Operations at Insight Academy

Cert IV Sustainability|Insight Academy

February 24, 2021


Insight Academy has updated its previous Cert IV in Sustainability and Environmental Management to its new Cert IV in Sustainable Operations. This course will be part of a newly formed Academy of Sustainability and Project Management.

At Insight, we are continuously working to ensure our program contents are both up to date and relevant for the current world around us, and aligned with the current industry expectations. 

Some of the key takeaways from this course are:

  • How to engage with the world around us by connecting with our own personal carbon footprint: understanding how diet, housing, transport and consumption impacts our planet. 
  • Understanding the life cycles of products to unveil the realities of the environmental impact of consumerism.
  • Digging beyond the surface and showing students to recognise actual impact vs greenwashing. 
  • Learning about various climate and sustainability challenges and also examine solutions, innovations and answers that are addressing problems today.
  • How to present ideas to investors and stakeholders.
ceres activity insight icare students

After the completion of this course, participants will have the necessary skills, knowledge and hands-on experience to work in addressing sustainable change in all types of workplaces, businesses, government agencies and institutions.

In addition, students will get:

  • A valuable and trendy official qualification.
  • New employment opportunities.
  • High-demand expertise within the majority of the industries.
  • Reskilling in Sustainability.
  • Opportunities to make a positive impact on Society (New Leaders).
  • Personal life changes (New Mindset).

Find out more information about this program and book a free consultation: https://www.insightacademy.edu.au/icare/

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