Collaboration for change: Insight Academy and Food Next Door collaborated to support members of affected communities in Victoria.

Insight Academy collaborates with Food Next Door


June 19, 2020


In 2019 Insight Academy’s CEO Jose Alonso collaborated with Food Next Door to give two scholarships to the members of their community to support the growth of their business. For Insight Academy, this represents an exciting collaboration with a company that places a tremendous value on building healthy communities in Victoria.

Food Next Door is a Co-op based in Mildura in the northwest corner of Victoria. Their primary objective is to relieve the suffering suffered by newly arrived migrants and refugee groups to Australia, particularly those without access to land and living in rural and regional areas, by supporting these groups to re-engage in farming and grow food, including their traditional foods.

Image source: Sunraysia Daily

Insight Academy and Food Next Door share the collective value of building healthy communities by putting a lot of emphasis on member participation and education. Food Next Door does this by encouraging all their four levels of members (volunteers, landholders, farmers and consumers) to get involved with the whole process of building a more robust local food system.

These two members of their community received a full scholarship that will provide them with the same knowledge that students at Insight Academy gain once they finish their studies. They’ll develop their skill on Emotional Intelligence, Marketing, Design Thinking, Social Media, Project Planning and Finance, plus they will gain the tools and network to allow them to accelerate the growth and development of their business.

Co-operatives are organisations owned by members for the benefit of members. They are different from other organisations because their priority is to have a social and economic impact. Food Next Door is extra special because they also aim to have an environmental impact.

Some of the many benefits of participating in a co-op are that you build long-lasting connections, work opportunities and being part of an incredible and supportive community.

Interested in becoming a member of Food Next Door or want to know more?

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