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January 28, 2020


I run classes twice a week, but last week I was asked to also prepare a workshop with recommendations for getting a professional job in Australia (but it applies to all countries).

The problem with international professionals in Australia is that most of them search for a job in the traditional way:

  1. They go to a job portal like Gumtree, Seek, Indeed, Jora, etc.
  2. If they are a bit more proactive, they contact recruitment agencies.
  3. More audacious people even use Linkedin.

Here is where most people stop. They get a relatively well-paid job (usually in hospitality, cleaning or construction.. which is perfectly fine, but these are usually not related to their professional fields), they make friends (usually from their same home country… which is, again, perfectly fine) and they stay in their comfort zone (usually for many years.. which is definitely not that perfect).

The main focus of my workshop was trying to help people change their mindset. If you want to get new results, you need to try new ways of doing things.

Act with the entrepreneurial mindset:

1. Stop excuses/limitations: “I have an accent” (who doesn’t? Even bloody Australians! 🤣) / “I don’t have experience in Australia working in my field” (start smaller. Eat shit. If you can and need, work for free for a couple of months. Show your value, over-deliver) / “My visa has working limits” (work around it, find a company that hires part-time or start as a freelancer).

2. Use personal branding: you are a company. Yes, see and treat yourself as a company (Me Inc.). Market yourself as a company. You are looking for a client (a company that will hire you) and you’ll offer a service (your work) in exchange for money (your salary) defined in a contract.

3. Use connections: It’s all good with job-seeking platforms, but you’ll see real results by connecting human to human. You don’t have any network? CREATE IT. Go to meetups, events, workshops, move your ass to meet new people. Don’t know where to start? Go to Meetups.com, Eventbrite, Facebook events, university events, council events, ask other people you know!!

4. Attraction law requires ACTION. Look: attrACTION. It’s in its core, action is key. Learn about the 1% rule and apply it (I’ll write about it soon).

5. Patience and persistence will be necessary. Your mindset is crucial. You’ll receive TONS of “NO” for answers. Deal with them, use them as fuel. Use positive thinking, flip the meaning of “N.O.” into “Next Opportunity”.

6. This is a numbers game: Did you send 10 resumes? That’s nothing, turn it into 200, at least.

7. Be different: Check for companies listings, send your resume, but ALSO CALL THEM, find an excuse to be face to face with the decision-makers and influencers. Focus on showing your attitude, not only your experience. Don’t compete only in the papers (your cv), also focus on demonstrating how you are different from the rest. That’s how you stand out.

These are just some of my recommendations, but with these, you already have a lot to start with. Good luck with the job hunt, although it’s more about your actions than your luck.

Stay active, stay sharp.

Love 4 all 🤙

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