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August 8, 2019


Our interns at Insight Academy have reported Gary Vee’s social media strategy, and we want to share some insights with you.

They’ve focused on the three biggest platforms that Gary Vee is using at the moment: Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.


On Instagram,  he’s pretty straight forward and keeps it simple. He speaks in a way that everybody can understand the message of the video, either if the audience is younger or older.

When making videos, he uses all the opportunities he has to send his message to his followers. It doesn’t matter if he’s in the airport, in a meeting, or on the street. If the circumstances allow him to shoot a message, he will do it. Usually, he does short videos, around 1 min to 1min and 20 sec.

He doesn’t use too many hashtags or long copywriting in his posts. But he uses many tags to boost the engagement of his posts. The following list shows you some of his most used tags:

  • Tag your co-workers!
  • Tag someone that needs to hear this
  • Tag 1 person you haven’t seen in a while 
  • Share this with the graduate in your life
  • Tag someone whom you are betting on
  • Tag someone in this age group!
  • Tag someone who keeps it simple or who should consider it.
  • Tag someone who is stressing about grades 


On Youtube, we found that Gary has a wide variety of video styles: from long videos of his conferences to one-thematic short videos. He produces dynamic Vlogs where he shares his view about trending topics, such as minimalism, Tinder, or education. He is creating a different series of videos about entrepreneurship: trash talks videos, business life videos and interviews with famous.

On the other hand, he dedicates many of his videos to his fans, interacting with them, calling them, or answering their questions.

These are the topics that GaryVee used on the videos that went viral:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Branding
  • Trash Talking
  • Social Media
  • Minimalism
  • Tinder
  • Presidents
  • Motivation
  • Modern Education



Let’s talk about Facebook. He is very active in this platform, posting four posts per day and doing live videos, as well. He displayed 125 posts on facebook just in one month. He loves creating short videos (45% of his content), linking with his other social media platforms (21%), facebook lives (14%) and other material (20%).  One-third of his content on Facebook is about Gary Vee’s advice, 20% of his content is related to motivational videos, and the rest of the content is viral content trying to reach a bigger target.

As a conclusion, we can say that Gary Vee is always trying to provide his audience with value, through motivating them and pushing them to take action on their dreams or projects.

BONUS TIP: As Gary Vee always says, the most important thing to create a kick-ass personal brand is to stay authentic and share your truth. There are already many other people faking it on Social Media, don’t be one of them.

SPECIAL THANKS to Alejandro Lozano, Michele Ribeiro and Juan David Zamudio for creating this report and writing this article.

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