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November 22, 2019


Today we want to share with you an article written by our student Eleonore: 

It doesn’t even feel real, but a defining event has changed the way I eat. This was my registration for a half-marathon! Yes, you read it right! When you think about it, it’s not that unexpected; there’s still a logical connection. But to be perfectly honest, if someone told me before that one day I would eat better thanks to my participation in a half-marathon, I’d have laughed in their face.


Two years ago, after a conversation about sports during a boozy evening with a friend, I told her I wanted to put on my running shoes again after a 15-year break. As for her, she has been running every week for several years. So far, so good. But for some reason, she made a bet with me. Running a half-marathon! She had read an advertisement on the subject a few days earlier; the idea must have been in her head since. When the news broke, I told her that it was simply impossible, that I would lose my organs as the kilometers went by, that I would end up on the ground like an old slug. I just wasn’t good enough. And then she tried to convince me. My friend knew me well; she knew that in general, I am always open to new experiences. And so, after yet another glass of Champagne and because I enjoy being challenged too much to refuse, I did accept the bet!

The thing is, we only had 5 weeks of preparation before the week of the event (i.e. only 5 training sessions, the last week being one of much needed rest before the 21,0975 km race (you can’t overlook the last few meters!) What a surprise that was. I said to myself at this moment: “what kind of a mess did you put yourself in…” (and generally, it’s the moment where I raise my eyes to heaven)!

I took our bet seriously because, yes, most of the time, I do devote myself fully to everything I do. So here I am, running around the city the next week with her. Our first running lasted 1 hour and 50 minutes for 15 kilometers. I still remember! Don’t ask me how we did it! After an hour, we started to get tired, but nothing could stop the both of us, we motivated each other until we reached our goal. I kept telling my friend that we had to finish this 15 kilometers; it was the one condition we had to respect if we were to be able to finish the half marathon five weeks later. With very short time, the plan was as follows: start with 15 kilometers, then add 1 kilometer each week until we reach the week before the half marathon with 19 kilometers. The last 2 kilometers would be kept for D-Day.

We had assumed that with the excitement, enthusiasm of the other runners and spectators during the race, we would have the energy to surpass ourselves. But let’s go back to that first training session. After 1 hour and 50 minutes of running, I could neither feel my knees nor my thighs. My adductors were hurting terribly. I went back home proud to have gone all the way but exhausted. My Sunday ended in a one-to-one meeting with my couch in front of the TV. The following days were tough. I walked like a duck, to be honest I even limped but 3 days later, I was ready again to continue the intensive training program.

Why was this challenge fantastic and what conclusions did I draw from it? >> Finish reading in Eleonore’s Blog



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